Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments do I need?

It depends on your current physical condition, your body’s sensitivity and the type of treatment you are receiving.

Does it hurt?

The pain is minimal and is described as a prick. The degree of sensation varies depending on the individual. After the initial insertion, you feel no pain.

Is it safe?

We only use sterilized, disposable needs to minimize the chance of infection. The needle’s depth of penetration is minimal.

Can you have acupuncture with chemotherapy or radiation therapy?

You can have acupuncture to effectively maximize the recuperation process and build your energy levels during these therapies to overcome the toxic side effects of chemotherapy and radiation like nausea, vomiting and weakness.

Are there side effects?

Acupuncture works by opening up energy channels and redirecting that energy to needed areas which balance and heal a person. There are generally no adverse side effects associated with acupuncture; however, you may feel changes in your mood. You usually feel a sense of deep relaxation and/or a change in appetite or bodily functions for a short period of time. Symptoms may temporarily worsen for a brief time during the healing process.